Friday, January 3, 2014

Sharing some Pinque Peacock Love

Hello everyone!  Today, I used these beautiful Large and Medium Elegant Florals to add to a jewelry piece I would like to call "Love is Abloom".  A new year to me comes with the anticipation of sharing love and the spring to come…in other words…hearts and flowers!  I used two gorgeous Pinque Peacock Elegant Florals and layered them, along with a bronze filigree flower piece and a polymer clay flower I created and gold-leafed.  I used several different types of chains to make a very "fashion forward" necklace.  There are crystals, other bronze pieces, a stamped bronze heart, etc. used in this piece.  I think it is perfect to wear for Valentine's Day with my wonderful husband.  I love how it turned out.  I hope that you will think of Pinque Peacock for more than just your paper crafts in this New Year.  Make your resolution to use more Pinque Peacock products every day!