Monday, July 29, 2013

That girl with the ponytail….she just drives me insane!….

…old school baby…..

Straighten the hair, curl the hair, crimp the hair, blow out the hair….we ALL go to the ponytail when we can get what we want.  Let’s make it stylish and sexy, shall we?  Let’s upscycle one of those much hated slapbands, shall we?  Let’s cover it with our fabric of choice (mine is denim).  It’s so easy to do that.  
Then, let’s take our ponytail….and slap the hell out of that slapband around it.  When it places, find your middle point….(It will not be the middle point on the band when straight).  I placed a denim fabric popper in the middle, and placed, on each side, a coffee filter fabric rose.    and a glitter blast!  When “slapped” this looks awesome….try it…you’ll like it!

Happy Crafting and enjoy that Peacock fun!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's go on a Surfin' Safari…..Come on and Safari with Me!

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PINQUETTE Lisa in the house with a
lovely project she has created!

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  It’s summer baby!  Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learnin how…come on and safari with me…..Summer safari that is!   
For my project today I used several sizes of the Pinque Peacock Summer Safari Fabric, and even placed my custom order with Mrs. Peacock herself from some fabric squares….and look what you can do with them!  
I created this beautiful altered headband, and stitched some Summer Safari fabric for the ruffle up the middle….created a flourette from some extra fabric and ran various size buttons down the side.  My girl is going to the be the most stylish girl on the beach!!!!  With a little creativity, and asking Jess for some custom items, you, TOO, can have the materials to create this!

Happy Crafing~
Pinquette Lisa