Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinque Peacock Post 2/25/2013

Hello All!  I am SOOOO Happy to do my first post as a Pinquette!  Today, I stepped out of my comfort zone.  We all have to do that now and again.  Normally, outside of my comfort zone is with pastels…but today, I offer something a bit different.   I had a lovely chat with my Mother in Law…how many times can a girl say THAT in her life, right?  Well, I have the BEST Mother in Law in the world!  My mom past away 10 years ago, and my MIL, whom I have had for 6 years, has stepped right in that place, and not only welcomed me into her family….but made me feel like it was MY family.  My hubs and my first vacation was a trip to Durango, Colorado.  My inlaws have a place there.  While it is mostly known for skiing in the winter, the locals, and us and my inlaws, know it for it's Fourth of July festivities.  We trek up the mountain, to about 10,000 ft. to a little town called Silverton.  For those of you who have heard of my business….SimplySilverton-a soap and paperworks company….YES, that is the same Silverton we are named for.  Such a lovely place, such a simple place….such a place that makes you glad to live in the good ole' U…S…of ….A.They have one heck of a 4th of July celebration, and for some reason, that always comes to mind when I think of Pat (my wonderful, awesomesauce, mother in law!).

So, I used some fantastical buttons by Pinque Peacock! These were custom buttons that Jessica, in all her awesomesauce glory, created for me….so if you want a specific thing…or don't know what you want, let her creative brain do the work! To shop  the wonderful extravaganza of things that await you…  Today, I chose to take the denim and red corduroy covered buttons, and create a bracelet and earring set!  I paired them with vintage red crystals (circa 1920) and blue mercury glass beads to create an awesome Americana set!  I used Sterling jewelry backings to adhere the buttons to, and  linked them with sterling links, along with a bar/loop closure.  The earrings are both denim buttons, with three dangles of the mercury and crystal (circa 1920s) beads.  This reminds me of something my mother in law would wear to the 4th festivities in Silverton…..BUT WAIT!  Would you like to win these?  This entire set COULD BE YOURS! All you have to do is follow my personal blog at and comment on my post there with "Enter me to win this!"  and you will be entered to win a duplicate of this amazing set!  WOOT WOOT…a post and a prize….what could be better?  Thanks for joining today, and look forward to more of our awesome creations using Pinque Peacock products!


  1. Enter me to win this! Mary M

  2. Sweet Lisa, I am sooooo glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and created this lovely jewelry set. It is magnificent and that is a drastic understatement. The imagination you put into it is WONDERFUL! I am sure your MIL will <3 it to the moon! Such a wonderful idea to do a giveaway . . . now be prepared to be bombarded, because I am sharing this beauty now...LOL!
    ~ Quirky Queen

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  4. Hey Lisa..this is so beautiful..i must say very the way u put ur imagination to create this..totaly agree with Jessica..i must say..WOW..i would love to win this..xx

  5. Enter me to win this!!

    As I said on the PP Blog, this is awesome!

  6. Just popping by to pay you a visit here and let you know again how much I admire your "fantastical" creations! Thanks for sharing this Lisa and your story!