Monday, March 18, 2013

Pinque Peacock Bib Necklace!

Hey there lovelies!  I would like to present my latest project for Pinque Peacock for you today.  When you think of Pinque Peacock, do you think quality fabric embellishments?  YES!  When you think of Pinque Peacock, do you think of AWESOMESAUCE designs?  YES!  When you think of Pinque Peacock, do you think hot fashion trends?  YES!  WHAT!  WAIT!  BACKUP!.....We all know that Pinque Peacock offers the latest and greatest in fabric selections for it’s Layered Garden Beauties, Fabric and Felt Poppers and Fabric covered buttons….but do YOU just use them to accessorize your papercrafts, cards and scrapbook layouts?  Well, catch up with the times, girlfriends and move over!  Last time, I brought you a great jewelry set using two designs of the fabric covered buttons…well, buckle up and hold on to your socks!  Today, I have used  6 of the various sized Fabric and Felt Poppers, and one GORGEOUS yellow fuzzy button, along with some of my own stash, including ribbon flowers, canvas, felt and a few vintage jewelry finds….and brought to you our first Pinque Peacock Bib Necklace….Oh yeah….I said it out loud!  I have chosen a neutral/earthtone pattern, layered all of Pinque Peacock’s beauties on a canvas backing, added some leather cord, ribbon and clasps, and you have your own, beautiful, fashionable accessory to wear….I think this piece definitely shows the versatility of Pinque Peacock’s products, but also shows how you can intermingle them with your own creations to create something SPECTACULAR!  Many of us seek to use embellishments singularly….but look at what you can create when you bunch, pair, duplicate and THINK OUTSIDE OF THAT BOX!    I hope you have all enjoyed seeing this, it sure was fun to make and design!  If you any any questions about the products used, please ask in comments….and have a Pinque Peacock kind of AWESOMESAUCE day!


  1. Fabulous girl... just fabulous!!!

  2. WOW!!! I knew your designs were always top notch, but this was surpasses top notch! This is just beyond . . .

    Wonderful work!

  3. This is so gorgeous and creative love it

  4. This is just such a very unique use of the Pinque Peacock products! You are so creative!