Friday, April 5, 2013

Memo to self….Stick it!

Hello All!  I'm here with another "Awesomesauce" project for you  from the Pinque Peacock Design Team today!  Thus far, I have used our Pinque Peacock buttons for jewelry…..could I?  Do I dare?  Use them….for something else?  I saw the beautiful Layered Garden Beauties I received, and the colors reminded me so much of my home!  The gorgeous earthy colors….oh, could this be the inspiration I have been looking for?  Could it be?    For so long I have wanted one of these chic, padded, memo boards.  I "just happened to have" coordinating fabric in my "fabric bin" (Yes, I REALLY have one!)  I used some upholstery samples I got on clearance from Joann’s and some denim….from…umm…jeans that don’t fit anymore…(yes!  Tip….Save your clothes….if you can craft with it, don’t’ donate it!  It can be cut, die cut, dyed and all sorts of nifty stuff.  I love to dye cut denim, and for YEARS I would donate my old jeans and buy denim fabric…WHAT???? How crazy is that…?)  So, I used strips of upholstery fabric and denim, along with some basting strips, a staple gun, and a 18X20 Canvas ($3.99), padded with some quilters batting, and created…..

I covered my tack marks with our Pinque Peacock buttons and Layered Garden Beauties, and even found a resting place for my stick pins to boot!  I hope you have enjoyed my project, and please….let your imagination carry you far!

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  1. Yes, You DID it! What a lovely project using those Layered Garden Flowers from PP! Just beautiful!